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On the Edge with Jamstack

We develop in Astrom Next.js, NuxtJS, and SvelteKit. All projects are developed with the Tailwind CSS framework.

Our SkillsetsWhat We Do

Jamstack Development

We develop websites in Jamstack (Next.js / NuxtJS / SvelteKit). Our preferred CSS framework is Tailwind CSS. We also can set up GraphCMS headless options for websites. We place a big emphasis on optimizing all websites so they will score well with Google DevTools and Pagespeed Insights. We also implement to help websites improve their structured data for search engines.

Server Adminstration

We deploy websites either on our Linux MERN server or serverless with Cloudflare Pages. Customers can also choose to deploy with Netlify or Vercel. There are several options you can choose.

We also help set up accounts with Cloudflare and Cloudinary if customers request this.


In the past three years, we have helped restaurants in Vietnam integrate their websites with the Oracle GloriaFood food delivery system. We are also working on a project to use headless Shopify for future projects.

WordPress Migration to Jamstack

Finally, we have worked on several projects in the past year migrating websites from WordPress to Jamstack. It is a costly and time-consuming solution, but we have been successful with two projects already.

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Ecommerce development with Kevin Matsunaga
We are currently developing Ecommerce sites in WooCommerce and with headless Shopify.