Edge Computing or MERN stack solutions

Serverless Deployment

Deploy serverless with Cloudflare Pages, Netlify, or Vercel. We can even deploy to our Linux CDN or MERN stack See our Singapore Node site for more information.

What can we do for you.What We Offer

Jamstack Development (Astro / Next.js / NuxtJS / SvelteKit)

Jamstack is the new standard for fast and secure websites. Nippon Edge's website was developed in Jamstack (Next.js + Tailwind CSS hosted at Netlify). For us, it is far easier to develop with Jamstack than with WordPress. We have far more control of the design process. You will not regret it if you choose a Jamstack solution. Below is our Jamstack proposal will include the following:

  • Design layout with Tailwind CSS
  • Add content, images, and videos
  • Setup Cloudinary
  • Setup Github and Cloudflare Pages
  • Deploy to Cloudflare Pages
  • Testing and optimization
  • Project signoff occurs after scoring in the 90s with Google DevTools
  • Headless CMS integration with Hygraph (formerly GraphCMS)

Some customers may ask for headless WordPress integration with Jamstack. We can do this as well but it will take more time.

Ecommerce Development

Probably the most fun part of web development. If you are looking for a shopping cart, we can set up a headless Shopify site integrated with Next.js.

Contact us for more information.

Ecommerce at bring.vn
We can develop a fully server side rendered website with Next.js.